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Claris & TekLinks: Better Together

Author: Josh Cantrell Sweet tea and a slice of lemon. Peanut butter and jelly. Cookies and milk. Some things are much better together than they are alone. Companies are the same way. A great partnership can make two companies more valuable than the sum of their parts. By joining forces, Claris and TekLinks will do […]

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Top Technology Security Breaches 2014 Claris Networks cloud computing company knoxville nashville chattanooga tennessee

Top Technology Security Breaches of 2014

2014 was a turbulent year in the world of technology security and data privacy. Businesses of every size in every industry experienced data breaches of one sort or another. It doesn’t take a nationwide survey to know that these threats are increasing (although this early 2014 survey pretty much confirms that fact). Let’s take a look […]

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27 Tips & Insights from the Knoxville Cyber Security Summit

2014 was a linchpin year for the topic of cyber-security. Significant breaches and increased regulation have propelled it to the forefront of every thoughtful business leader’s mind. Last week, several companies with a strategic commitment to data privacy and cyber security came together to host the “2015 Knoxville Cyber Summit”. The five speakers covered a range […]

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Endpoint Encryption Services

Video: Introducing Endpoint Encryption Services

In 2014, businesses across the country experienced two very rude awakenings: The security of their data was integral to the success of their business, and… They could no longer take that security for granted Penny learned the truth about taking data security for granted and it cost her dearly.  Claris Networks takes our partners’ data security […]

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Penny’s Gamble: A Practice Administrator’s Game of HIPAA Roulette

This is the fictional, but all-too-likely story of how Penny the Practice Administrator learned a single laptop would cost her $1.5 Million, and what she could have done to prevent it. Penny’s restful Sunday After a long week at helm of a busy healthcare practice, Penny the Practice Administrator spent a relaxing weekend with her family […]

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Cyber security

Knoxville Cyber Summit – February 5, 2015

You’re invited From identity theft and fraud to corporate hacking attacks, cyber security has never been more important for businesses and organizations. Join us on Thursday, February 5, for an informative seminar featuring industry experts in cyber security who will address how to protect your company from possible attacks and what steps you should follow […]

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endpoint encryption

Endpoint Encryption: The cheap and easy way to avoid a data breach

Which would you rather have: $50 or $1? The question is as much a no-brainer to thieves and cybercriminals as it is to us, which is exactly why healthcare companies have a huge target on their backs. On average, a healthcare record is worth $50. A social security number is only worth $1. A recent […]

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business solution summit

2014 Business Solution Summit – Dec 4th Nashville

For those of you in Nashville, you’ll want to mark your calendar for an event in early December: “The 2014 Business Solution Summit” presented by JourneyTeam. Event Details Tuesday, December 4th, 2014 1:00PM – 5:30PM @ Bridgestone Arena Registration is FREE   Description This value-packed, half-day event will include breakout sessions on how to use […]

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5 Tips to spot phishing

5 Easy Ways to Spot Phishing Attacks

“Phishing” is the method of using email to deceive someone into providing personal/financial information or downloading a piece of malicious software. Plain and simple, phishing is easy, cheap, and effective. Over 100 Billion spam emails are sent each day, with email filters blocking only 10% of them. Of those, nearly half of those are opened. […]

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Big Business of Malware

The Big Business of Malware

Author: Neal Shelton, Techie at Claris Networks Malware is big business, and infecting your computer is a cybercriminal’s cash cow. Hackers and other cybercriminals create malware which banks them hundreds of thousands—and sometimes millions—of dollars. Lucrative ways to ways to victimize your devices, data, and identity abound. Today, we will highlight some of the most […]

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Claris Top Cloud Provider

Claris Networks joins IBM, Google on list of world’s top cloud service providers

In the global cloud conversation, there are a handful of players that dominate the spotlight. And though you may have heard of Claris Networks, it’s far more likely you’ve heard of IBM, Google, Amazon, Oracle. While Claris doesn’t stir the international buzz quite like the Silicon Valley behemoths, a list has placed Claris among them […]

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Data Security Event - Claris Networks

Chattanooga, You’re Invited: Data Security & Privacy Event

Chattanooga, you’re invited to panel discussion with 4 security experts called, “Data Security and Privacy Essentials for an Unsecure World”.  Given all the recent press, are you concerned about your company’s privacy and security obligations? Worried about liability? Looking for a roadmap towards compliance? Join us for a panel discussion on the data security and privacy […]

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Data Security Event - Claris Networks

Knoxville, You’re invited: Data Security & Privacy Event

Knoxville, you’re invited to panel discussion with 4 security experts called, “Data Security and Privacy Essentials for an Unsecure World”.  Given all the recent press, are you concerned about your company’s privacy and security obligations? Worried about liability? Looking for a roadmap towards compliance? Join us for a panel discussion on the data security and privacy […]

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Phishing can cost you

Phishing: It Can Cost You Big

Cybercriminals are constantly trying to steal your hard earned money. While not the only motivator, money plays a huge role in cybercrime. Cybercriminals work in new and constantly evolving ways. Did you know that hackers orchestrated the Target security breach last year by entering through the thermostat? You read that right. If a cybercriminal made […]

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iphone 6 features

Six New Features of the iPhone 6

After losing market share to competitors’ smartphones boasting bigger screens and better cameras, Apple has flexed its microchip muscles and bounced back in the smartphone game a big way, unveiling its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in time for Christmas 2014. So for all the Apple fans out there, how does the new iPhone […]

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CRN Fast Growth 150 Claris Networks

Top 150 Fastest Growing Service Providers!

Claris Networks has been ranked #138 on CRN’s 2014 Fast Growth 150 list! CRN is a resource for service providers, IT and other technology companies. Each year, it ranks 150 of the fastest growing solution providers across North America on its annual Fast Growth 150 list. This is the second year Claris has made the list. […]

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5 data security tips for mobile employees

5 Helpful Data Security Tips For Mobile Employees

The cost incurred for stolen records containing confidential and sensitive information has increased by more than nine percent this year, according to the 2014 Cost of Data Breach study conducted by Ponemon Institute of Michigan. These data breaches have proven to be more expensive than those caused by criminal and malicious attacks. In fact, German […]

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Claris Networks inc 5000

Claris is growing fast!

THANKS! Claris has made it on the Inc 5000 list of fastest growing private companies for the 5th year. What’s really thrilling about this is it coincides with us hitting the 100 employee mark. This kind of growth is exciting because it means we’re able to provide jobs to some pretty fantastic people and build […]

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Why am I getting so much spam?

Why am I getting so much SPAM?

You may be noticing an influx of SPAM email in your inbox lately. You’re not alone. SPAM email has been on the rise for the past several years, but what is happening lately is both universal and unprecedented….not to mention, flat-out annoying. Since SPAM can be dangerous, we wanted to take some time to explain […]

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Claris Healthcare Services Logo

Announcing Claris Healthcare Services

Today we’re announcing the launch of a new division of Claris Networks, Claris Healthcare Services (CHS). We have found that tighter federal regulation and an increased reliance on technology has made managing IT a burden on many physicians and practice managers.With nearly half of our customers in this industry, CHS offers a healthcare-specific skills set […]

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Windows 8 Features You Should Be Using

3 Windows 8 Features You Should be Using

This article was written by Neal Shelton, a Claris techie based out of our Chattanooga office.  Like it or not, Windows 8 is here to stay…for a while at least. The good news is that Windows 8 is packed full of new features. Let’s take a look at 3 of them here. The Search Function […]

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5 Resources to Help Kids Learn

5 Websites to Help Kids Learn

Technology is changing education for the better. Across the globe, teachers are leveraging mobile devices, accessible software and the cloud to deliver unique learning experiences to students of all ages. Parents have seen the benefits as well, and many tablets have been converted from simple gaming or entertainment devices to interactive education tools. Along these […]

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Claris Execs Appointed to “TNCPE Board of Examiners”

Both Larry Bodie, Claris Networks’s CEO, and Dave Sagraves, Vice President, have been appointed to the Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence 2014 Board of Examiners. If you’ve never heard of the TNCPE, it’s worth your time. What is the TNCPE? The TNCPE promotes “economic development and drive organizational excellence by helping companies and organizations grow more […]

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Why you should use Evernote

6 Reasons You Should Be Using Evernote

Here’s a tech tip for you: start using Evernote. When I first signed up, I wasn’t sure exactly how to integrate it with my regular workflow. After using it regularly for a while though, it has completely won me over. The ability to document, store, tag, organize and search pretty much anything is a fantastic […]

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Kyle McClain Claris Networks Technical Account Manager

Kyle McClain: Entrepreneurial tech geek meets mission-minded coffee freak

Our People: Meet Kyle. He’s a self-starting techie with a passion for helping people and figuring things out. Oh, and he might be slightly neurotic about coffee. “Whenever I travel, I get excited about trying new coffees. Crema in Nashville is a favorite, along with Elemental Coffee in Oklahoma City. In Knoxville, my favorite coffee […]

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Email Encryption

The Basics of Email Encryption for Business

As a business develops its risk management and security strategy, encrypting email can be a logical first step. In this article, we’ll take a look at what encryption is, what it does and how it can help your business thrive. What is encryption? Encryption, plain and simple, is scrambling data so it can’t be read […]

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How to Avoid Cryptolocker and Phishing Attacks

You have likely heard of recent online security threats called Cryptolocker and Gameover Zeus, which have created havoc for millions for the last few months. The FBI has stated that instances of both threats and malware like it are on the rise, and we at Claris Networks have noticed an increasing number of incidents related […]

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Meet Melissa: Self-Proclaimed Numbers Nerd and Closet Redneck

As a Certified Public Accountant and the Controller here at Claris Networks, Melissa’s a self-proclaimed “numbers nerd” and “a little bit of a redneck.” She’s getting married Memorial Day weekend, too, so we wanted to take a few minutes to introduce you to one of the people that makes it all happen here at Claris […]

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tech gifts for graduates

Tech Gifts for Graduates

May is graduation month, and if you have someone in your life making the leap from either high school to college or from college to the “real world,” you may be considering a tech gift to help them in their next stage. Most often, we are asked about laptops, tablets and smartphones. Which is the […]

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tech tip windows 8 shortcuts

Tech Tip: Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

If you’re like most people, the transition to Windows 8 operating system came with a bit of a learning curve. It takes time to get familiar with a new OS and Windows 8 is no exception. So here’s a tech tip post of keyboard shortcuts can save you time and make it much easier getting […]

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What to do about the Internet Explorer Security Threat

Written by Aaron Sherrill, CTO of Claris Networks As you may be aware, a new zero-day vulnerability has been discovered that affects every version of Internet Explorer from version 6 through 11.  The security vulnerability is so significant that the U.S. Department of Homeland security is advising Americans not to use the Internet Explorer Web browser until […]

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Nashville Security Event – April 22nd, 2014

Given all the recent press, are you concerned about your company’s privacy and security obligations? Worried about liability? Looking for guidance in the complex and changing world of compliance? In light of recent security concerns like the Heartbleed bug, significant HIPAA breaches, and lawsuits, Claris Networks is hosting a panel discussion in the Nashville area […]

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Heartbleed: What it is and what to do

When the Heartbleed bug was first announced on April 7th, most people probably thought it was the name of some terrible 80s-era hair band. In fact, it is one of the greatest security threats in the history of the Internet. Some estimates say nearly 2/3 of all secured websites on the web are affected by […]

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Claris Great People Search Careers

The Great People Search!

We’re on a search for Great People Passionate and driven people with a mind for solving problems and who keep the customer first. Leaders, communicators, people who take their work seriously, but don’t take themselves too seriously. People who aren’t afraid to speak up, to work smart and to play hard. People who do what […]

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Open Arms Care Claris Networks

Priceless Partnership: Open Arms Care

The Why behind IT Why do we do what we do? It’s a question every business should ask. Here at Claris, we exist to help organizations succeed by making IT work. By removing the burden of IT, we exist to free up our customers so they can fulfill their mission even better. In the day-to-day […]

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Secure Cloud Syncing with Sharefile by Claris Neworks

Introducing Sharefile: Flexible cloud syncing + powerful controls

  While Dropbox is an excellent consumer cloud product, it was not designed with the enterprise in mind. Your employees can (and probably are) using Dropbox to gain the functionality and flexibility of the Dropbox cloud to sync your business data to their other devices. That presents significant challenges and threats for the enterprise.  How […]

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The Internet of Things [Video]

What’s Up in Tech: “Internet of Things” There’s a lot of buzz on the internet these days around the “Internet of Things,” or “IoT.” You may have heard of it, but not known what it means. Or maybe you completely understand the concept but are concerned about the security implications of an increasingly connected world. Either […]

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Claris Networks Book Giveaway Winners Announcement

Book Giveaway Winners!

Last week we announced a Free Book Giveaway here on the Cloud9 blog. We’re giving away 3 sets of these 3 fantastic books on business, technology and leadership. The Books                              And the winners are…drumroll please…  Zach McCarty Kay Norton Brenda Snowman Thanks to all […]

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MSPmentor 501 logo 2014

Claris ranked #39 managed services provider in the world

Claris Networks has been ranked the #39 Managed Service Provider in the world by MSPmentor. For the 7th consecutive year, Claris Networks has been honored with a spot on the list. In fact, Claris is the only Tennessee IT company in the top 50—or 100—companies on the list. Each year, MSPmentor conducts an international research […]

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Our People: Meet Jason Wood

Jason Wood is the kind of guy you want on your team. This former Marine is an intelligent, team-minded leader who is dedicated to getting the job done right. He embodies every one of Claris’s core values and builds trust and makes friends wherever he goes. Jason’s Story “I was born in Farragut and dibble […]

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