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The needs of a small to medium sized business are constantly changing. Technology and capital resources are typically strained over a large percentage of the business. With limited resources, the primary challenge is to maintain an effective infrastructure that supports growth and aligns with business objectives in a reasonable budget.

Claris’s experience in the small and medium sized business sector is unrivaled in the markets we serve. Our tenured SMB services suite can support the most complex networks and the most aggressive growth strategies.

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Customized Solutions for Large Businesses


Enterprise class companies require a custom approach and in-depth engagement from an IT provider. Large businesses move fast, and change is a way of life. IT must move at the same speed. For businesses of this size, Claris maintains several unique advantages: a large, specialized staff, a tenured technical infrastructure and processes, and a diverse group of satisfied Enterprise-grade clients.

Redundancy, security, availability and speed are mission critical priorities for large businesses. Flexible infrastructure and dedicated support affect profitability on a large scale. Strategic consulting to improve efficiencies can provide a competitive advantage in a demanding market. Downtime is a non-negotiable and can represent millions in lost revenue.

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Specialized Support for Healthcare


The healthcare leader carries a significant burden.

Many practices are constrained by an increasing dependence on technology, but lack the proper resources to support that technology. Additionally, ever-expanding compliance and HIPAA regulations can make it difficult to deliver the highest quality patient care.

We can help.

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Claris Healthcare Services (CHS) is a division of Claris Networks which is specially devoted to medical practices. Let CHS handle your technology so you can focus on running an efficient, profitable practice.

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